It always comes down to having a plan!  Spending your money in any marketing effort without a plan is completely risky and something we never want our clients to do.

Even simple diagrams like this can help you to start the process of connecting all of your efforts so they work together!

Social Media Plan Diagram The Rojas Group

When you start to consider how the content, text and images in posts, videos, etc., are being processed, and how they may integrate with all of the various platforms, your plan will begin to take shape.

Begin to think about the audiences that each of your social platforms provides you.  For instance, Instagram typically is a little more fun and less professional, where LinkedIn is much more of a professional, no-nonsense type of social platform, and Facebook begins to fall in the middle.

So, if you have content how can you tailor it to fit each of these platforms so you receive the most engagement?

Scheduling your content out in advance always helps you and your staff better prepare.  The content is usually done more professionally and for example, if you are a restaurant and your staff knows well in advance that the upcoming Saturday you have a special promotion that is running on social media, they will be much more prepared because of the social calendar.

Here is an example of a Social Calendar used by one of our clients:

This is just part of of the process.  To learn more about how to create a full social marketing plan, please contact us today!

Thomas K Rojas
The Rojas Group