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If you are seeking a new website design and development company in Las Vegas, or anywhere in the country, The Rojas Group is a great choice!

The world of Website Design and Development is always changing and growing. New technology and advances in custom coding, as well as plugins for websites, continues to improve, offering customers more options when it comes to designing and developing their website.  Tracking Pixels and other custom coding analysis options now allow business owners to track activity to their site, helping them to make better decisions on content and marketing.

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Website design encompasses many different skills and disciplines on our part as we work on the planning and production of our client’s websites. There are several different areas of web design including graphic design, which is the part that makes the website aesthetically pleasing to look at, the actual user interfaces design, which is the functionality of the various features, which could include e-commerce and shopping, display and other interactive parts, the on-site or on-page search rankings website performance details, and authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design.

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One of the most exciting times for us at The Rojas Group is when our team sits down with a new client and discusses their project.  We take into consideration their goals and vision for their website, and we work with them to incorporate our years of experience in designing websites to mesh what we know is important from a functionality and performance standpoint, with the aesthetics and features they are seeking.

Because each client (and the needs they have for their website), are completely different, we take into consideration their budget and time frame, as well as what the main objectives are with the finished site.  Some websites are strictly meant to provide information.  They may require some minor features that allow for downloading of pdf files for example, but do not require many other features.  Other websites require the ability to order online, capture lead information, accept donations, and require heavy Search Optimization.

Knowing the requirements and expectations of the client, and the needs of the website, along with their budget, will help up put together a plan that works for both parties.


Every single project is different and is based usually on the amount of content we are adding to the site, along with the various added functionalities we have to incorporate.  A website that requires 20 pages of content with a basic home page, text, 50 images, adding and linking social media accounts, and a contact page will be much quicker than a website build that has 50 pages, thousands of images,  shopping features with a cart, and check out, banking and more.

Part of the website build typically includes the production of graphics that are used throughout the website. This may include logo design, and Header, Footer, and other Banner designs throughout the site.  In addition, high-end photography, which may include interior and exterior buildings and office spaces, food and drinks for menus, headshots and team shots for staff, and product shots for e-commerce sales, all can take additional time based on scheduling and production, editing and approval from the client.


The Rojas Group prices our websites by estimating the time it takes us to complete the project for our clients. When we meet with you to consult on your project we will have a better understanding of your goals and needs.  From this we will be able to provide an estimate based on the time it will take us to design and build your website.

Along with the estimation of time, we will also include any additional expenses you will incur, including any hosting fees for your server, the purchase of any WordPress or other themes for your websites, and purchased plugins that may be necessary and any other recommended security features or software.


A typical website is comprised of a set of files (each web page—home page, about page, etc.—is an individual file). Each file contains HTML code and content (text and images). Web pages are styled with files called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). For ease of explanation, let’s say that a standard (non-responsive) website has a set of files and a few CSS files that govern the look of the site. A responsive website applies an alternate set of CSS files depending on the device being used to access the site. The site looks and ‘responds’ differently based on the device.

For example, while someone viewing the site from a desktop device sees a horizontally aligned navigation menu, someone viewing the site from a mobile device gets a vertically aligned navigation menu with larger text that is easier to read on a smaller screen.


Did you know that people on average spend 4 hours per day on their smartphones engaging with digital media and that over 50% of ALL traffic to websites in the United States comes from Smartphones?  With statistics like these, you can understand the importance of having a website that is easily viewable on all screen sizes and devices.  Creating a website these days MUST include being responsive!

So, what is a responsive website design? A responsive web design automatically adjusts for different-sized screens and viewports. With a responsive website, someone can browse your website from any device and it will still look and function perfectly.

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There was a time when people only accessed websites from a desktop computer. The vast majority had the same size monitor. Websites were designed for the average visitor. Today, people access websites from a variety of different devices with screens ranging from a few inches all the way up to 27″ or more and expectations have changed. Consumers expect the website they’re visiting to know that they’re using a tablet vs. a PC. They expect the site to adjust to them—not the other way around.

What exactly does it mean to have a Responsive Web Design? If your website is “Responsive” it means that no matter what the size or resolution the screen is for which you are viewing your site (i.e. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Phone), your site will re-configure the way it is presented so that the displayed product is optimized for that screen.


We specialize in WordPress websites and the majority of our sites are built in this platform simply because for most of our clients we can offer a more affordable website solution that allows them the ability to easily edit and manage their own site after it is built, should they choose to do so.

We are a Certified WordPress Developer and have produced hundreds of these sites over the years.

We also can build Custom Built Websites and are experienced in Joomla, and we work with other platforms and languages, including HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, PHP, XML


Why? Because we listen, we care and we have the experience to create the perfect website based on your budget and your goals.  Whether you are a business that requires a website that is maximized for Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation and Sales Conversion,  or simply require a website that is a source of information without a great need for search results or any e-commerce, we can help you.

For the past several years we have been fortunate enough to have been voted one of the top Web Development Companies by several sources, including our friends at Expertise!  It is nice to be acknowledged for our hard work and dedication, but we get the most satisfaction from our client’s results!

Skills, Experience, Creativity, and Capturing The Client’s Vision are all part of the overall process and strategy when we create websites!  At The Rojas Group, our mission is to develop a successful website for our clients that will maximize their online presence through a responsive and informative website design, which presents their brand in an easily accessible and functional manner!

The Rojas Group was recently voted as
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In addition, in 2021, The Rojas Group was also recognized as a top Website Design Company in Nevada by Expertise!

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In addition to this wonderful recognition, we also have been ranked in the Top 22 Website Design Companies by Expertise the past two years, along with earning and maintaining accreditation with major digital companies such as Google, SEM Rush, SEO Moz, WordPress, and more!

Our goal is to combine the design features that clients are seeking, with a website that functions and navigates easily for their viewers and customers on all devices!

Most businesses today have some form of a website, and many have advanced to mobile responsive sites, that are optimized for customer viewing on mobile phones and tablets.  However, there is much more that goes into your website than just being responsive.

Placement of images, lead capture forms, connection points (such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Contact, Social Media links) all have importance on your website and should be considered during the design and development process.

Some businesses require much more imagery than others (such as Wedding Companies, Restaurants, etc.) where other businesses may need to present more technical information (distributors, support websites, etc.) and the placement of navigation and content comes into play differently for each client.

Have you had a Bad Experience Before With A Past Website Developer?

Have you ever found yourself frustrated because your website developer is flaky, hard to reach, or disappears like the wind? How about all of those unkept promises or overcharges? Even worse, are you stuck with a product that doesn’t function properly or represent your company or brand?  Believe us, we have heard every story out there!


  • Websites that are responsive, displaying properly on all types of devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Websites that are user-friendly, easy to navigate a move through, including purchasing or booking through e-commerce functions
  • Websites that capture your brand and company message, with compelling content and copy for your viewers
  • Websites that are delivered on time and on budget while you are kept in constant communication during the entire process

The technology around websites continues to change and evolve almost on a daily basis. Web Design & Development consists of knowing exactly what the client needs in terms of the functionality of their website and platform, as well as incorporating the latest technology to help best reach their market demographics. Our goal is to provide you the best website that captures your vision yet functions for optimal results and user experience, and one that is designed to rank high in search engines!

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

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At The Rojas Group, we have successfully built hundreds of websites for businesses here in Las Vegas and around the country.  Our clients range from Wedding Venues, Office Suites, Restaurants, Medical Practices, Printing Companies, Musicians/Bands, and a wide range of other customers.  We work specifically with our clients on their goals and objectives with regard to the use and functionality of their websites. Some of our clients are retail-based and require e-commerce capabilities as well as multiple marketing options. Other clients are business-to-business based and require more information-based pages, blog links, and possibly secure access to their own accounts. From the design and layout of the website, including the flow of content, pages, social media links, imagery, and more, we develop the site with our customer’s needs in mind.

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If you are seeking Website Design and Website Development services here in Las Vegas, or around the country please feel free to contact The Rojas Group.  Our mission is to surpass your expectations from a design standpoint while developing the functionality that supports the optimization of your organic search results and end-user experience.