When you are searching for a Las Vegas-based company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization services, consider The Rojas Group. The Rojas Group brings years of experience in assisting clients through a variety of industries with improving their search ranking results, and we can help you with your rankings too!


Search Engine Optimization, most often referred to as SEO, is a term that describes a multi-faceted approach or strategy that people employ to help their businesses more easily be found on search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, etc.

These search engines use changing analytics and factors to determine which websites rank the highest when someone types in keywords into the search bar. Based on the combination of factors, the search engine places the websites in the best order that they believe the customer (the person searching) will gain the best results and information for the subject they are searching for.

SEO is a complex process that also involves optimizing various content on your website, creating valuable backlinks, and many other important aspects based on specific researched keywords related to your products or services that increase your visibility in the search engine with higher search rankings. The most valuable incoming traffic to your website is “Organic” traffic, which is only obtainable by having a strong search presence. Our Search Engine Optimization service helps you build a strong search presence and raises your rankings up to the top of the search results.

SEO services through The Rojas Group include:

  • On-Page SEO: We consider all of the items and factors that search engine bots will consider when they crawl through the coding on your website. We place a high priority on the quality of our client’s website design, which always includes the content specific to intended ranking keywords, the site structure and metadata, and the way we write the code for the website.
  • Off-Page SEO: In addition to placing a high priority on the on-page factors, we also take into consideration the many off-page elements that need to be optimized in order to gain the highest ranks possible. In our opinion, link-building is probably at the top of the list in our off-page SEO strategies with our clients. Proper link-building means gaining links back to our client’s websites from industry-relevant and high-ranking websites, websites that are highly trafficked, have a strong trust factor and have high domain authority. These types of backlinks not only help with our client’s Search Rankings but also can lead to increased referral traffic from those links.
  • Technical SEO: There are several other “technical” factors when it comes to improving your Search Engine Rankings, things like the page load speed (how fast your site loads), uptime and downtime of your server, robots.text files, .htaccess files, and more. Much of this is identified and worked on during the site build, but some of these factors are checked as part of our monthly maintenance services.
  • Local SEO: Most of our efforts are geared towards improving your local Search Rankings.  This means our efforts are spent mostly on helping you rank locally for your products and services. You may have noticed more search engine results displaying “map packs” when keywords in your industry are searched. These are clusters of local websites that show up on maps and search results when someone is searching for something near them. We specialize in ranking your website on top of local listings as well as organic results. To get your business on top of Google Maps and other local listings, a combination of specific tactics using on-page, off-page, and technical SEO is required.
  • Penalty Detection and Removal: Search engines like Google have increased the amount of, and the reasons for, penalties they give to websites. If you’ve noticed a significant drop in website traffic, this could be the reason. All of our Las Vegas SEO tactics follow webmaster guidelines to ensure we don’t cause any penalties, and we have a lot of experience removing existing penalties for our new clients.
  • Analytics and Webmaster Tools Monitoring: We constantly monitor your website traffic, ranks, and the data in your webmaster tools accounts. By doing this, we can catch anything either positive or negative that is happening to the account and react right away.


Search engines work by crawling hundreds of billions of pages on the internet, using their own web crawlers. These web crawlers are commonly referred to as search engine bots or spiders. A search engine navigates the web by downloading web pages and following links on these pages to discover new pages that have been made available.

From this data, the search engines are able to provide the website pages that best fit what “keywords” are being used in the search and populate them in the order that fits best.

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Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO, they’re the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called “search queries.” If you boil everything on your page — all the images, video, copy, etc. — down to simple words and phrases, those are your primary keywords.

As a website designer and content creator, we want to make sure the keywords on your page are relevant to what people are searching for so they have a better chance of finding your content among the results that will come up when they are searching for your products or services online.


Our SEO services are designed to help your website rise in specific keyword search engine results. We research your industry and with your input help determine both the keywords which receive the highest amount of incoming searches, as well as which keywords are most important for you and your business.  Our work includes all of the top search engines such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Bing.

Once we determine the best keywords to focus on, we optimize every aspect of your on-page elements, site structure, coding, and technical SEO during your website build, and then focus on link building and other off-page SEO elements. Search Engines will recognize your site for those keywords and place you high in the search rankings where you will receive valuable Organic Traffic.

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There is a big difference between on-page (on-site) SEO and off-page (off-site).

Think of it like this:

  • Your website = on-page SEO
  • Another site or platform = off-page SEO

All of the strategies and efforts we implement while developing and maintaining a website that impacts your search rankings are known as on-page SEO. Many website designers do little, if any, on-page SEO work when they are building websites, and the clients won’t recognize this because most of these steps are hidden in coding in the back end of the website, or are backlinks, tags on images, and things a consumer would not typically recognize.

These are some of the standard On-Page SEO work we include on all website builds at The Rojas Group:

  • Site Keywords
  • Site Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Tags on all Images
  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • GMB (Google My Business Account)
  • Content Quality
  • Readability of Content
  • User Friendly / Ease of Navigation
  • Outbound Links
  • On-Page Word Count
  • Load Time (Speed) of Website

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All of the strategic efforts that you engage in to help improve your search rankings that do not have to do with your actual physical website are considered off-page or off-site SEO.

It is often thought to just be link building, but in reality, there are far more off-page SEO tactics that you should be using if you want to gain a competitive advantage.

Tactics such as brand building, citation building, content marketing, social media, and more all play an important part in a comprehensive SEO strategy.

By applying off page Seo tactics, you can boost the ranking of your web page, be noticeable and get drive traffic on your webpage. Let’s go through various techniques to optimize your web page.

  • Link building –  It is one of the most famous ways of doing off-page optimization. Link building is defined as building external links with your website. The main aim is to get as many links or votes as you can to rank higher than your competitors.
    Webmasters are looking out for cheat codes that how can they build links to their websites. The more the backlinks, the better is the authority. Some of the ways which the help in increasing link building are:

    • Blog Directories – These are directories like yellow pages which link the entry back to a website.
    • Forum signatures – By commenting on forums, people were getting a link back to their website as they used to leave links in their signatures.
    • Comment link – Just as in forum signatures, where you leave a link in your signature when you comment on any other’s blog to get a link back, here, instead of writing your name you write keywords in the comment. For example, Instead of writing ‘Comment by Joe’ you write ‘comment by where to buy dogs’ or something of that sort.
    • Article directories – If you publish your article in the article directories, you will get a backlink to your website. Mainly directories accept only original content, but there can be some directories which accept article which is reworded or spun.
    • Shared content directories – In shared content directories, websites like HubPages or Infobarrel allow you to publish your content and in return, you can add links favouring your website.
    • Link exchange schemes –  This is an interesting way to build links. The scheme talks about getting in touch with the webmasters of different websites and exchange links, i.e. linking website ‘X’ to website ‘Y’ and in return website ‘Y’ would link to website ‘X’. There is another complex method which is by exchanging links with 3, i.e. linking website ‘X’ from website ‘Y’ and website ‘Y’ links to another website.
  • Social Media – Another way of building links is by engaging your website on social media platforms. It is a great way to attract traffic. The links which you see on social media are generally no-follow links, but this does not indicate that those links do not have any value. Mentioning your brand on social media platforms will drive of a lot of traffic. Go straight with your strategy and website, you will definitely start ranking.
  • Social Bookmarking –  This is another great way of promoting and attracting huge traffic to your website. This can be done by promoting your blogs on famous websites such as Reddit, ScoopIt, Digg, StumbleUpon etc. The content is very frequently updated on such sites, which is appreciated by Search engines.
  • Guest Blogging – We know the fact that by curating new, unique, compelling content, building up new links will drive traffic to your website. Blogging is a way to attract traffic at a bare cost. By posting comments on other websites will allow you to add links in the comments section. The links will be crawled by the search engines leading to driving traffic to your website.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that if your website doesn’t show up on the 1st page of search results you are missing about 80% of the traffic you could be receiving otherwise? With millions of websites on the internet, sometimes it seems impossible to compete for those valuable first-page search results. Google has hundreds and possibly even thousands of variables they take into consideration when determining where a site shows up in search results. The experts here at The Rojas Group know what Google and other Search Engines look for. Let us help you create a strong search presence and increase your Organic web traffic with our Search Engine Optimization service.

What good is a website if no one can find it? All of our website designs use templates that help in raising your Search Engine Rankings. When building your website, we write content that optimizes your pages so that specific keywords are picked up by the search engines. This process tells the crawlers what your pages are about. When the person searching types in those keywords they are picked up and potentially placed into the search results based on the parameters of what was searched.