Twitter has several tools available for generating the connections needed to harvest leads, develop prospects, and capture new sales for a company.   However, nearly every business I review is either unaware of these tools or is simply not using them, focusing on postings instead of connections.

For example, ask yourself: How often are my company tweets “Re-Tweeted” by someone else? If you answer is “Not at all or almost never”, then you are wasting your time on Twitter.

But, according to many Internet sources using Twitter for business is not about the Tweets, because 99% of all tweets are never read by human eyes.

Does oxymoron come to mind here? First I said you need your tweets re-tweeted, then I said no one reads tweets. This all sounded confusing to me and for a while it was. What I found out is that everyone likes to see their posts validated by a re-tweeter.

I will explain:

One of the main goals for a business spending any time on the Internet is to capture sales and extend / promote their brand.  To do this, businesses need to develop relationships (prospects) and to develop prospects  you need connections. There are two ways to develop a connection on Twitter, one is obvious, ask people or companies in your service area to follow you.

The second method is the most often missed. To get your tweets re-tweeted, you need to re-tweet the tweets you receive. When you do that Twitter sends an email to the recipient of your re-tweet. When you get a message that someone else valued your Twitter post enough to re-tweet it, how does that make you feel? Good, right?

The practice of re-tweeting is another form of connecting with others to begin that relationship that is required to produce a future sale. It takes just seconds to review a dozen tweets and pick a half dozen to re-tweet.

Each time you use your Twitter account you should be focused on connections, not content; ask potential customers to follow you and re-tweet some of the tweets you have received. Always use your best judgment when re-tweeting; for example, don’t re-tweet any posts with foul language, and only re-tweet posts that pertain to the demographic in your follow and following lists.

Note: The purpose of Twitter is to tell the people that follow you what you are doing at the moment. Some of them will appreciate a soft sell over a direct sell tweet; which will produce more re-tweets.

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Thomas K. Rojas