This is a great guest blog, from Jann Chambers, of the UK Web Host Review, regarding the statistics of smartphone usage.

The internet is increasingly mobile!

Globally, more people own a smartphone than ever before. In the UK, the figure has reached the dizzying heights of 82.2% and much of the global rise can be seen in emerging markets like China, Brazil and India.

And if that’s enough motivation to go mobile, here’s three of our top facts:

  1. People now spend more than half of their total media time on their phones
  2. More people in the world own a smartphone than a toothbrush
  3. Over half of social media engagement is from people on a mobile device

What does this mean for your business? Well… people now expect to engage with brands easily and quickly from their phones. And, if they can’t, they’ll go elsewhere and probably trash your reputation and bottom line on their way.

To avoid disaster, you need to know the ‘how, what and why’ of smartphone use. And then adjust your marketing strategy and service offerings to meet peoples needs.

To help you make the right decisions, we’ve searched high and low to find the smartphone statistics businesses should use to drive their strategy this year. And, because we know you’re busy, we’ve put them together in the infographic below.

Smartphone User Statistics in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from UKWebHostReview

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New Smartphone Usage Statistics for 2020