The Top Social Media Sites & Why Is This Important To Me?

All businesses are different, and based on your business each social media platform will provide you different options to reach your consumers:

My hopes are that I do not have to answer the question, “Why is this important to me.” I no longer come across a business owner who asks me this question as I once did before, which is great! But in the event that there still is that one person who doesn’t understand, let me explain…
The easiest way to do this is to inform you of how many people are actually using Social Media. [UPDATED NOV 2012] Below I have listed each of the major social media networks and how many users they currently have:

Please note that these numbers are close estimates, not exact.

Think about it, Facebook alone has a user population that is a little less than 1/6th of the worlds entire human population. Very simply put, ask yourself this question, “Have I ever been able to reach this amount of potential customers, while only spending a minimal amount of money?” The answer is no, to recreate this using any other marketing platform or technique, it would require billion of dollars!

There are many other reasons why you should use social media, but that is for another blog! (Not that you should need any other reason.

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