The Top Social Media Sites & Why Is This Important To Me?


My hopes are that I do not have to answer the question, “Why is this important to me.” I no longer come across a business owner who asks me this question as I once did before, which is great! But in the event that there still is that one person who doesn’t understand, let me explain…
The easiest way to do this is to inform you of how many people are actually using Social Media. [UPDATED NOV 2012] Below I have listed each of the major social media networks and how many users they currently have:

Want More Facebook Fans or True Advocates of Your Brand?

When consulting with my clients on their Facebook Page analytics, I usually am asked first about the Fan count.  I always ask them why the actual number is the most important issue for them.  I believe that having a true understanding of the actual value of each client’s fans is more important.  The number of Facebook fans your brand can claim is an important number.  However, there are more important issues than the actual number.

Consumer Development & Management Online…. "Why You Don't Need To Spend Money On Advertising To Be Successful!

The vast majority of the marketing services that are designed to improve a company’s online presence do nothing more than develop a partial social campaign and provide a very small degree of search engine optimization. The fact is “search engine optimization” and “social media campaigns” do absolutely nothing if the business owner does not know…

Facebook 70 / 20 / 10 Content Rule

The best way to encourage customers to “like” you on Facebook is to offer entertaining and engaging content that motivates them to want to be on the inside circle for your business. In an adaptation of the 70/20/10 rules for learning and management, SnapRetail suggests that 70% of the content on your Facebook page be resource material and valuable content posts, 20% be sharing others’ content, and only 10% be store promotion.

LinkedIn….the Red-Headed Step Child of Social Media?

I read a great blog from Naomi Trower in Social Media Examiner, which touched on the use of Linkedin for online marketing.  I thought I would share her thoughts because we use Linkedin here at The Rojas Group for most of our clients,  And, depending on the type of client, Linkedin may be to most important platform to use!  So, if you aren’t using Linkedin yet, or if your account is sitting idle, you may want to take a quick read…..